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Gettysburg Offers Special Winter Lecture Series – 1861 – The Civil War Begins & Gettysburg: Perspectives on the Battle and Campaign

Union artillery officer Alonzo Cushing, killed at Gettysburg. The story of the battery he commanded is the subject of a free lecture at Gettysburg National Military Park on Feb. 27.
To mark the 150th anniversary of the Civil War’s first year, the National Park Service free winter lecture series in 2011 will explore events and personalities who figured prominently in 1861, and also return to the popular “Perspectives on the Gettysburg Campaign and Battle.” This year’s programs will range from Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis in 1861, to Dan Sickles at Gettysburg and the July 3 experience of Lieutenant Alonzo Cushing’s battery. These, and more, are among the topics of the 2011, 1861 – The Civil War Begins & Gettysburg: Perspectives on the Battle and Campaign at Gettysburg National Military Park.
National Park Rangers will offer the programs on weekends beginning Saturday, January 8, and running through Sunday, March 13. They are free of charge and will be held at the new Gettysburg National Military Park Museum and Visitor Center, in one of the film theaters through February 27 and in the Ford Motor Company Fund Education Center on March 6, 12, and 13.
Programs begin at 1:30 p.m. and last approximately one hour.
For more information go to Gettysburg National Military Park’s website at or call 717/ 334-1124 x 8023.
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Management Assistant
Gettysburg National Military Park
phone: 717/ 334-1124 x3121
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The War Begins – 1861 & Key Moments and Commanders of the Gettysburg Campjavascript:void(0);aign
NPS Winter Series 2011
Saturdays and Sundays, 1:30 p.m.
Gettysburg NMP Visitor Center
Week #1
Saturday, January 8
1861: Jefferson Davis – Bert Barnett
Sunday, January 9
1861: Abraham Lincoln – Chuck Teague
Week #2
Saturday, January 15
1861: The Young Napoleon – George McClellan and First Year of the War
D. Scott Hartwig
Week #3
Saturday, January 22
1861: First Blood: The First Battle of Manassas – Matt Atkinson
Sunday, January 23
Gettysburg: – Meade Stops Longstreet – Bill Hewitt
Week #4
Saturday, January 29
1861: Equipping the Armies – The Weapons of 1861 – Tom Holbrook
Sunday, January 30
1861: “Promiscuously uniformed and poorly armed; The Creation of the Confederate States Army. – John Heiser
Week #5
Saturday, February 5
Gettysburg: Gettysburg Viewed Through a Kaleidoscope of Historical Lenses. – Troy Harman
Sunday, February 6
1861: “One of the most cowardly and disgraceful acts:” The Destruction of the Norfolk Navy Yard, April 21, 1861 – Karlton Smith
Week #6
Saturday, February 12
1861: Ft. Sumter – Dan Welch
Sunday, February 13
1861: “The Other Adams County Goes to War: Natchez, Mississippi and the Civil War. – Angie Atkinson
Week #7
Saturday, February 19
1861: Was the Civil War Avoidable – Troy Harman
Sunday, February 20
Subject to be announced – Rick Bartol
Week #8
Saturday, February 26
Gettysburg: Dan Sickles: The Colorful and Controversial Commander of Gettysburg – Matt Atkinson
Sunday, February 27
Gettysburg: – “Most everything was blown up:” Cushing’s Battery at Gettysburg – Karlton Smith
Week #9
Sunday, March 6 (Ed Center)
1861: The Medical Corps Goes to War – Barb Sanders
Week #10
Saturday, March 12 (Ed Center)
Gettysburg: “An Accidental High Water Mark?” – D. Scott Hartwig
Sunday, March 13 (Ed Center)
Gettysburg: – Pomp and Circumstance: The Centennial Celebration at Gettysburg NMP – Angie Atkinson
Schedule is subject to change