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Gettysburg Glimpses nears publication!

The cover photo for this upcoming book is courtesy of Chambersburg, PA history buff and taltented photographer Will Dupuis, who specializes in Gettysburg-related photography. For more of his work, click this link or visit his homepage.
My latest book of human interest stories from the Gettysburg Campaign, Gettysburg Glimpses: True Stories from the Battlefield, will be available in March 2009. Watch this blog for ordering information! Autographed first edition copies will be available for pre-order in February.
There are several new stories from here in York County in this 153-page collection of more than 200 stories from the battlefield and the campaign. The vast majority of these anecdotes and incidents will be new to you. Some are ironic, some humorous, some tragic, but all are sure to be of interest.
Here are a few examples from this new book, which is a companion to my two-volume Human Interest Stories of the Gettysburg Campaign.

Major George T. Gordon of the 34th North Carolina attempted to cross a well-guarded bridge near Gettysburg. The sentry abruptly stopped Gordon and stated he could not cross without a properly signed pass. Stonewall Jackson had been dead for several months, but the major, out of habit, drew out a generic pass signed by Jackson a year ago. The guard examined the pass attentively, handed it back, and informed Gordon, “You can’t cross this bridge; the name on that paper is good to pass you into Heaven, but not over this bridge.”
One infantryman in Company H of the 5th Texas recounted an amusing incident during the attack on Little Round Top. The regiment advanced toward a stake-and-rider fence at the foot of the hill, behind which the Texans could see heavy timber and several large rocks. Captain John S. Cleveland called out, “Ten dollars to the first man who gets over the fence!” Privates Stone and Settler were the first to cross the obstruction. The writer later remarked, “Afterward they claimed the ten dollars, but I don’t know whether they got it or not.”