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Gettysburg 145th Anniversary Battlewalk – Eric Campbell

Huge crowds attended today’s first two battlewalks on this the 145th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. National Park Service Ranger Eric Campbell leads a two-hour walking tour of Cemetery Ridge examining the actions and movements of Union Maj. Gen. Winfield S. Hancock during the second day of the battle.

Campbell dazzled the crowd with his extensive knowledge of Hancock’s movements and actions. I had been on a similar tour of this part of the line with authors David Shultz and David Wieck last year, so this was an excellent refresher of the “battle between the farmlanes,” as the two Ironclad Publishing authors termed Hancock’s ability to save the Union center.

The Codori House was a familiar sight to Winfield Hancock as he observed the battlefield from the little knoll that now bears his name.