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Free Gettysburg winter weekend lecture series at the Visitors Center

The National Park Service has announced the winter schedule for the series of lectures lon the Gettysburg Campaign and the Battle of Gettysburg ed by park rangers from the Gettysburg National Military Park. These lectures and presentations are free of charge, and will be held in the meeting rooms in the new Gettysburg Visitors Center.

Key Moments and Commanders of the Gettysburg Campaign
Gettysburg National Military Park Winter Series 2009
Saturdays and Sundays, 1:30 p.m.
Gettysburg National Military Park
Museum and Visitor Center,
In the Ford Motor Company Fund Education Center
Week #1
Saturday, January 10
Key Moments: Longstreet Tries to Flank the Round Tops on July 3 – Troy Harman
Sunday, January 11
Commanders: General Alexander Hays and the Repulse of Longstreet’s Assault – Karlton Smith
Week #2
Saturday, January 17
Commanders: Alexander Webb, Norman Hall, & Alonzo Cushing: Profiles of Successful Leaders – D. Scott Hartwig
Week #3
Saturday, January 24
Commanders: Daniel Sickles: The Colorful and Controversial Commander of Gettysburg — Matt Atkinson
Sunday, January 25
Key Moments: “A Final Resting Place:” The Establishment of the Soldiers’ National Cemetery — Eric A. Campbell
Week #4
Saturday, January 31
Commanders: Strong Vincent and the Battle for Little Round Top – Tom Holbrook
Week #5
Saturday, February 7
Key Moments: Crisis at the Union Center – The Second Corps Front on July 2 – John Heiser
Sunday, February 8
Key Moments: “We drop a comrade’s tears” The 2nd New Hampshire at the Peach Orchard – Karlton Smith
Key Moments and Commanders of the Gettysburg Campaign
Week #6
Saturday, February 14
Commanders: Opportunity, Possibility, and Liability: Lee, E. P. Alexander, William Pendleton and the Great Cannonade of July 3 – Bert Barnett
Sunday, February 15
Commanders: “Day was now breaking and it was too late for any change of place;” Richard Ewell, Cemetery Hill & Memory – Angie Atkinson
Week #7
Saturday, February 21
Key Moments: “Take that hill if practicable” – Cemetery Hill and the End of the First Day’s Battle — Tom Holbrook
Sunday, February 22
Commanders: July 1, 1863 – Surprise or Surmise – Bill Hewitt
Week #8
Saturday, February 28
Key Moments: The 1st Minnesota Infantry on July 2 – Matt Atkinson
Sunday, March 1
Commanders: From “Forever Free” to “A New Birth of Freedom:” Abraham Lincoln in 1863″ – Eric A. Campbell
Week #9
Saturday, March 7
Key Moments: “I Have Never Seen the Like Before” – The July 1 Battle for Herbst Woods – D. Scott Hartwig
Sunday, March 8
Commanders: “Much oppressed with a sense of responsibility:” George G. Meade Takes Command of the Army of the Potomac – Charles Teague
Week #10
Saturday, March 14
Commanders: Did Meade Begin a Counteroffensive after Pickett’s Charge? – Troy Harman
Sunday, March 15
Key Moments: Hancock Takes Command – July 1 – Angie Atkinson