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Flames Beyond Gettysburg: finalist for Army Historical Foundation’s 2011 Distinguished Writing Award in the reprint category

Savas Beatie LLC has announced that three of their recent books have been named as finalists for the Army Historical Foundation‘s 2011 Distinguished Writing Award in the reprint category.  The list includes my Flames Beyond Gettysburg: The Confederate Expedition to the Susquehanna River, June 1863, which covers the story of the Confederate occupation of York, the raids on Hanover and Hanover Junction, and the defense of the Columbia Bridge at Wrightsville.

I am pleased that this piece of York County’s history has been so recognized by the U.S. Army’s Historical Foundation. It is a story that has long deserved national notice, and I trust that this book, along with so many other fine works by other York Countians, honors the memory of the Civil War residents and soldiers.

I have so many people to thank, but most of all is my beloved wife, Debi, whose patience with my endless research into York County’s rich Civil War history is so deeply appreciated. I also thank Prof. Scott Mingus, Jr. and Dr. Thomas Mingus, who contributed text and photographs, artists Bradley Schmehl and Zac Bretz, my daughter Melissa for her encouragement, and daughter-in-law Becky for proofreading. Eric Wittenberg published the sold out first edition and Ted Savas the sold out second. I thank you both immensely, as well as your staffs. Steven Stanley drew the maps for the second edition. The good folks at YCHT and my good friend Jim McClure aided tremendously.

I wish Jim Morgan III and Eric Wittenberg, and the other nominees, the best!