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Civil War Walking Tours of York set

Author Scott Mingus speaks to a Civil War Round Table group from Pittsburgh at Penn Common in downtown York, Pa., during a past rendition of his popular battlewalk, “Jubal Early’s Occupation of York”

York, Pennsylvania, has a storied (and some might say checkered) Civil War history. Hundreds of York-area men served in the Union army, and a handful, including a brigadier general, wore gray and supported the Confederacy. York hosted a major U.S. Army Hospital which treated more than 14,000 patients while losing less then 200. Another war-time army facility, Camp Scott, was a training camp for several regiments and artillery batteries.

In June 1863, York became the largest Northern town to fall to the Confederate army during the entire war. More than 6,000 Rebels camped in and around the borough from June 28-30 just before the Battle of Gettysburg.

This autumn, Manchester Township author and lecturer Scott L. Mingus, Sr. will be presenting a pair of 2.5-hour walking tours of the Confederate occupation of York. These are open to the public for a nominal fee. Reservations are requested.

* The first tour is September 22nd and is sponsored by Randy Drais of More information can be found on one of Randy’s webpages (click here and then scroll down to the bottom).

* The second guided tour is on October 13 and is sponsored by Downtown York, Inc. Contact Amanda Meyers for more information at or 717-849-2331.