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Civil War Voices from York County, Pa. is now for sale!

Co-authors Jim McClure and Scott Mingus announce the publication of their collaborative effort, Civil War Voices from York County, Pa.: Remembering the Rebellion and the Gettysburg Campaign. Endorsed by the PA 150 Civil War anniversary committee and produced in partnership with the York County Heritage Trust and the York Daily Record / Sunday News.
The new book features more than 200 fresh new stories and anecdotes from the Civil War, with the majority relating to the Gettysburg Campaign. Jim and Scott have collected scores of previously unpublished accounts, including fresh letters, diaries, and journal entries submitted by residents of York County. These include civilian accounts as well as reports from the soldiers.
Highlights include snippets from a previously unknown diary from a Union soldier held at Andersonville prison camp, as well as other accounts from prisoners. Several letters describe the terror and confusion among the citizens as the Confederate army approaches the region during the Gettysburg Campaign.
The book is only $14.95 and is now available at the York Emporium on Market Street in York, and will soon be at the York County Heritage Trust and other local retailers, as well as many leading Gettysburg merchants. Internet orders are available through, and autographed first editions may be obtained from either James McClure ( or Scott L. Mingus, Sr. (
Pick up your copy today and read these new accounts of the Gettysburg campaign!