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Civil War Then & Now — picture of the day

On the square in downtown Hanover, Pa., this old building was the Central Hotel in the mid-19th century. At the outset of the war, significant Union recruiting activity took place near here, and during the June 20, 1863, battle of Hanover, Union Brigadier General H. Judson Kilpatrick used a room in the hotel as his headquarters after his men drove the Confederates south of town.


Courtesy of the York County Heritage Trust; copy also in the Hanover Room of the Hanover Historical Society. This shows the Central Hotel in 1863. Note the old market shed building to the bottom left corner. Some Confederates galloped through this, assuming it to be a covered bridge of some sort.


Note the addition of the 3rd floor to the building to the immediate right of the main hotel structure since the 1863 photograph, where it only had 2 floors and a sloped roof with dormer. Also note the changes to the window structure in the main hotel and the chimneys.

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