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Civil War Interactive Writers Contest Announced!

The popular website Civil War Interactive will begin its first Writers Contest in over five years. There will be several hundred dollars in prizes, plus authors will get a by-line and a short bio included on their article.
Cannonball readers, if you happen to win a prize in the CWI contest, will also receive a separate prize package from veteran Civil War author Scott L. Mingus, Sr. To be eligible, send in your submissions to CWI, and then send me an e-mail letting me know that you have done so. If you win a prize, then I will send you an autographed book of your choice from among my seven titles currently in print. Remember, you must send me an e-mail to be eligible for this supplemental prize, which is independent of the prizes awarded by CWI.

For more information on the writer’s contest, please visit CWI’s website.