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California photographer’s artistic images of military sites


Noted California photographer and artist Carrie Zeidman has released a new photographic coffee table book titled Ghosts – Images of War. She has taken a series of images at various battlefields and historic locations and has superimposed reenactor photographs or vintage period pictures onto the background (hence the “ghosts” in the title).

According to the verbiage on the back cover, “Ghosts – Images of War uses uniquely designed images of the past and present combined to take you on a haunted ride through history. By expertly superimposing and digitally manipulating historical images of the past with photos of the present, Ghosts connects the spirit and people of history to this present day world. Almost as it you’ve traveled to the past; or the past has been transported to the present, the images evoke nostalgia, sadness, reflection, and hope. Battles and monuments included range from Valley Forge to the Beaches of Normandy.”

From the author's website.
From the author’s website. Wall at Antietam.

Zeidman, a tenth-generation Californian, has won several awards for her photography and artwork. One of her paintings, Freedom Rises in the East, is on display at a museum in Germany. Here are a few sample from the new book:


Each page contains at least one full-color blended picture, with plenty of variety and visual texture evident throughout the book. The images are meant to evoke the memories of the event, to which the author has admirably succeeded.


Particularly moving are her images of WWII concentrations camps. As the actual survivors die off (the last one from Birkenwald just died recently), it is authors and artists such as Carrie Zeidman who keep alive the memory, challenging us to reflect and ponder on the long-ago atrocities, and vow to do our part to never repeat them as a society.


This is a unique, interesting book, with a good brief overview of the historical setting and background coupled with the combined images. As a Civil War writer, of course, that section most appeals to me, but with my late father being a veteran of WWII and my family now living less than two hours from Valley Forge, those sections also are of personal interest. This is a fine work that deserves a look.

View the author’s website for the book here:

Carrie Zeidman, Ghosts – Images of War, Swiss Creek Publications, 2015, 72 pages, ISBN 978-0-9702276-5-2