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Boy Scouts playing at the veterans encampment during the 50th anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg (Library of Congress)

Boys will be boys!

Here’s an interesting human-interest story from the summer of 1864 concerning a Yorker. The article is from the York Gazette of August 2, 1864.

“Yorker Arrested — The Columbia Spy of Saturday last has the following item:

“Jacob Johnson, of York, was arrested for permitting two wagons loaded with gunpowder, to remain in Bank Alley for several hours, to the great danger to life and limb. — The case seems to be an aggravated one; a number of boys obtained some loose powder and placed it in the cracks of some timber to blow it up. The Chief Burgess was sent for, who¬† made [a] complaint for violating a Borough Ordinance. We refrain from making any further comment upon the case, as it is yet undecided, the Justice having reserved his decision until to-day.”

Neither the Spy or the Gazette followed up to inform their respective readers of the verdict against Jacob Johnson.