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All-Access Battlefield Tours for Wheelchair Travelers

AABT is a new private tour service designed especially for wheelchair travelers who wish to fully explore and experience the hallowed grounds of Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania, VA. AABT’s all‐accessible individual or group tours take visitors, their families and friends directly to historical hotspots while moving at their own pace. In order to provide a safe and comfortable expedition, visitors have the option of being transferred to customized travel wheelchairs that feature special wheels and canopies. These rugged outdoor chairs, combined with portable ramps, enable visitors to traverse fields, trails and roads that are otherwise inaccessible. Each experience includes complete accessibility assistance and the highest quality tours, featuring a unique staff of experts made up of local historians, authors and preservationists.

We are scheduling tours to begin on the first weekend of October. To view our press release, brochure, blog and contact information, visit our website at Each wheelchair traveler will receive a special package containing battlefield maps, information on NPS tour site accessibility, travel wheelchair literature, discounts on our guide’s books, DVDs and more. (Read all about AABT on the Civil War Trust website.)
Michael Aubrecht
All-Access Battlefield Tours (LLC)
Providing wheelchair tours to Civil War sites in Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania, VA