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Adopt-a-Position at Gettysburg

For many years, the National Park Service has allowed various organizations, as well as private citizens, to “adopt” a monument or position on the Gettysburg battlefield. Volunteers are encouraged to clean-up and maintain the general environ of the area around the monument. Activities include weeding, trimming, clearing underbrush, and general maintenance of the grounds. These volunteer groups often meet once or twice a year for organized work parties that often include meals or refreshments together before or after the work.
A couple members of the York CWRT have adopted positions and are having a clean-up day on April 5. I’m sure they would welcome more help from any Cannonball readers!!

Kim writes, “A group of us has adopted the Barlow’s Knoll area and we’re having a Spring Clean-Up on April 5th, starting at 9 a.m. Anyone wanting to come and help, just stop by and help. If you do decide to come, PLEASE bring along a pair of work gloves, as we’ll be doing raking, pruning, and general clean-up of the area. Other stuff, like rakes, will be supplied. Plan on about 2 hours, no more than that.” There will also be work at the nearby 54th New York advance marker by Rock Creek, a marker seldom visited by the casual battlefield tourist due to its out-of-the-way location.
Why not spend the morning of April 5 in Gettysburg, getting some fresh air and exercise while helping out a very good cause – the ongoing maintenance of a historic part of the region? Barlow’s Knoll is located on the Day 1 battlefield north of Gettysburg. Take Route 34 north from the town square and make a right onto Howard Avenue. The knoll is at the loop just past the old cemetery.
John Gordon’s Georgians attacked Union positions on what was then known as Blocher’s Knoll. These were the same Confederates who marched through York to Wrightsville and back on June 28-29 and camped along Carlisle Street in western York.