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87th Pennsylvania reenactors planning Memoral Day event

87th PA reenactors

The 87th Pennsylvania reenactment group, based in south-central Pennsylvania, honors the memory of the actual 87th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, which served in the Union army from the fall of 1861 until it was mustered out after the war in June 1865.

Members of the 87th invite the public to attend a ceremony at 10 a.m. on Memorial Day in Shrewsbury in southern York County specifically to commemorate two veterans, an event that will also honor all Civil War veterans of this area.

The reenactors will remember Edgar and Noah G. Ruhl,  who fought in the original 87th. The ceremony will be in the cemetery behind Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, 105 S. Main Street , Shrewsbury PA at 10 a.m. on May 30, 2016. The public is welcome!

According to 87th PA author and researcher Dennis Brandt, Captain Edgar M. Ruhl, the namesake of the local Sons of Union Veterans camp, died in October 1864 from wounds suffered at the battle of Cedar Creek. He was a cigar maker and general laborer from Shrewsbury and, at the time of his mortal injury, he commanded the 87th, which by then had reduced to only a battalion-sized unit. He was only 20 when he enlisted and lived at home with his mother.  His father, Noah G. Ruhl, was also in the army. He was a veteran of 4th U.S. Infantry, having enlisted in 1840 in Pittsburgh. He mustered out in 1845 and, when the Civil War erupted, he enrolled in the 87th.

By the way, if you have thought about reenacting, either as a soldier or a civilian, the 87th would love to talk with you! Come on down to Shrewsbury and get to know the members of the group and see if this something you might like.