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1st Annual Gettysburg Toy Soldier Show

Crowds thronged the Toy Soldier Show in Gettysburg, offering promise that this event will become a fixture in the area for years to come.
I spent a pleasant few hours Sunday afternoon at the 1st Annual Toy Soldier Show in Gettysburg, a new event held at the Gettysburg Hotel on the square. Attendance was very strong, spurred in part by the novelty of the event, as well as some very cool door prizes from Britains and several hourly drawings for gift certificates to the dealer hall. I saw a lot of old friends and had a blast going down memory lane as I looked through box after box of old toy soldiers, army men, cowboys and indians, Vikings, space men, and many other genres of plastic figures from all sorts of makers.

John Zabawa owns and operates one of Gettysburg’s toy soldier / wargaming shops, Gettysburg Miniature Soldiers.
Artist Keith Rocco was a special guest, selling paintings and art books. The venerable British toy soldier company, Britains, was a key sponsor of the event and donated hundreds of dollars worth of collector-quality figurine sets as door prizes. Their sculptor was among the special guests, and he was receiving a lot of attention and apprecation for the quality of his recent work.